In 2018 we invited the men and women who are supported by The Wallich and The Big Issue to try some Shakespeare, and ran two workshops each week for eight weeks. This is what they said about their experience :

“I’m connecting with people. It’s given me a purpose and I’m connecting with people.”

“It’s new for me this Shakespeare stuff. So it’s a challenge for me really ‘cause he speaks funny. But I really enjoyed it. It’s given me a lot ….a boost.”

“These workshops let out some emotions that I just lock …keep locked and thrown away the key. And yeah ….Top of the Pops …great stuff! I wanna jump onto something else. Quick as like!"

”I probably had the best night’s sleep I’d had in I don’t know how long after the first workshop. It really made me feel good about myself.”

“I’d love to see us working together in a project towards a performance. It’s so creative and so satisfying and so worthwhile. And you know you’ve contributed - you’ve created something and it’s out there. I’m not sure what it might be but I’d really like to be part of something which went all the way through to performance.”

“It really excites me to think that us lot could get together and put something on. It really does.”